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PMDS Guidance Counselors Attend PCGA 58th National Confab

Boljoon, Cebu – The Guidance Counselors of Patronage of Mary Development School (PMDS) recently participated in the 58th National Mid Year Conference of the Philippine Guidance Counselors Association (PCGA). Mr. Edgardo Cabase Jr. and Shirley Mosqueda, who represent the junior high and elementary levels respectively, attended the conference.
Themed “The Innovative Filipino Global Helping Professionals,” the conference was held on October 19 to 20, 2023, at the L’Fisher Hotel and STI West Negros University in Bacolod City. The event provided an opportunity for guidance counselors from all over the country to come together and address the challenges they face in their profession.
The plenary sessions and workshops centered around how guidance counselors can effectively respond to the needs of their clients during personal and national crises. Participants had the chance to share their best practices and research, focusing on innovative guidance and counseling programs and activities.
The insights and knowledge gained from the conference will greatly benefit PMDS in developing a more responsive and innovative school guidance and counseling program. The guidance counselors from PMDS will be able to implement the latest strategies and techniques to better serve their students and address their diverse needs.
Mr. Edgardo Cabase Jr., who represented the junior high department, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to attend the conference. He said, “Attending the PCGA conference has been a valuable experience. The sessions and workshops were very informative and provided us with new perspectives on how to handle the challenges faced by our students. We are excited to apply what we have learned to enhance our services at PMDS.”
Shirley Mosqueda, the guidance counselor for the elementary department, added, “The conference was truly eye-opening. It allowed us to connect with other professionals in our field and learn from their experiences. We are now equipped with innovative strategies to better guide our students in facing their personal and academic challenges.”
The PCGA 58th National Mid Year Conference served as a platform to empower guidance counselors and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively support their students. PMDS is proud of its guidance counselors for their dedication and commitment to continuously improving their guidance and counseling services. The school looks forward to implementing the new insights gained from the conference, which will ultimately benefit the students and their overall development.