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The School Campus

The Patronage of Mary Development School is 100 meters from the main road and 300 meters from the Municipal Hall and Parish Church. PMDS has two buildings all located on Medida St. Extension, Poblacion, Boljoon, Cebu. The first building is a two-storey edifice which houses the library, guidance office, computer room, TLE room, Science laboratory and Administrative office. The second building is a three-storey structure, with the first and second floors just completed in June 2012. Currently, it has 8 rooms that houses the classrooms for pre-school and elementary pupils. PMDS has a spacious ground for play, sports activities and flag ceremonies, waiting area for guardians and canteen which sells nutritious snacks.

School Facilities

Each classroom has a toilet and a bathroom. The school is wifi- connected and provide learners the experience and opportunity to explore social media with teachers and parents’ close supervision and guidance.

Equipment and facilities for the subjects Technology and Livelihood Education, Science and Technology, Physical Education and Computer Education are available for use with the supervision of the subject teachers.

Library, Computer Room and TLE Simulation Rooms are equipped with facilities and learning tools for demonstration and application of learning. Specific rules and regulations should be observed by the teachers and students to ensure safe, efficient and productive teaching-learning process.

Character Development

Spiritual Formation

The Spiritual Formation at PMDS is Christ-Centered. It is grounded on the philosophy that each child is an embodied spirit. Therefore, the physical, intellectual and emotional development of each learner should be balanced with their spiritual dimension.

Student Discipline

1.1 – A bona fide student is required to observe the rules, regulations, policies and requirements of the school. Ignorance of the provisions stated herein does not excuse any student from the corresponding sanctions.