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The Patronage of Mary Development School (PMDS) of Boljoon, Cebu, is an institution of learning dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was founded on January 8, 2009 by Dr. Rouel A. Longinos. His love for teaching and passion to provide quality basic education, inspired him to build a school for the children in Southeastern Cebu. This was realized through the shared vision Engr. Herculano Cardente, Engr. Jose Rufino S. Horlador, Engr. Esmeraldo Getubig, Mdm. Bruminihilda Derama, Dr. Jellen L. Osalla, Col. Melvin Gayotin, and Jesus A. Longinos , Jr.

This undertaking was guided, blessed and supported by the then municipal mayor Deogenes Derama and Boljoon parish priest Rev. Fr. Melton Medida. As an expression of the local officials’ support, a municipal council resolution was passed granting PMDS the use of a parcel of government lot to be used as children’s play ground.

With a starting enrollment of 55 in 2009, 75 in 2010, the current 100 students are housed in the two story-buildings with fully air-conditioned classrooms. At PMDS, parents play a significant role in the formation of their children. The parents under the leadership of the Parents-Teachers Association officers spearhead monthly activities as reinforcement of the students learning in the classroom.

As a new educational institution of learning, PMDS strives to develop the Christian values in each learner. These values are strengthened through intellectual, spiritual and social activities.

As part of its spiritual formation, PMDS observes feast days of saints and martyrs and holy days while first Friday masses are celebrated in the school.

PMDS promotes partnership among the parents, teachers and the people in the community to ensure a holistic, and productive teaching- learning.


Patronage of Mary Development School (PMDS) considers the child as the center of the learning process. The learning environment, the teacher, the parents and the curriculum are essentials in discovering and maximizing the child’s potentials. PMDS education is based on the knowledge that each child is a unique individual with his/her own biological and psychological make-up, interests, capabilities and ways of viewing the modern world.

PMDS believes that each child has a tremendous capacity for learning. He/She should acquire wide vocabulary for communicating his/her ideas and feelings. His/Her motor coordination should be refined and value social skills are honed to make him/ her emotionally intelligent individual.

It further believes that each leaner is developed to become a critical thinker and a socially sensitive, self-directed, creative, responsible, and caring individual.


PMDS is a school that provides a safe environment where learners can explore a variety of authentic learning materials, equipment and experiences suited to their interests, learning styles and multiple intelligences.
At PMDS, parents are given important roles in their children’s holistic education. Realizing that the home, school, and the community are important in the child’s education, PMDS collaborates with these institutions so that there is consistency in their effort of developing the child to the fullest.

PMDS partners with teachers who are caring individuals and competent mentors. They are mentors who are knowledgeable about children and how they learn. They are doting facilitators who are equipped with necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to effectively develop children in all aspects – physical, personal-social, cognitive and affective so that they will be better prepared to adjust and cope with life situations and become life-long learners and functionally-literate professionals in the knowledge-based economy.

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