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Institutional Policies

1. Grading

The final grade or rating to a student in a subject should be based solely on his/her scholastic performance. Rating or scoring performance and grading of students are based on the standards set forth by the Department of Education.

2. Student/Pupil Performance

Will be reported quarterly through the report cards. Convocations will be held to meet the parents and distribute the card of their children on this day.

3. Requirements for Promotion.

The following requirements in the promotion or graduation of a pupil or student shall be observed and strictly followed:

A. No student shall be given any credit toward the completion of or graduation from the school , unless he/she has enrolled and satisfactorily fulfilled the admission requirements, faithfully and regularly attended classes, and acquired a reasonable proficiency in each subject of the approved curriculum.

B. No student shall be permitted to take any advanced subject until he has satisfactorily passed the basic and pre-requisite subject(s).

C. The final grade or rating to earn school credits and promotion is 75% .

D. The records of attendance and subject proficiency of pupils and students for each school year or term is filed at the Registrar’s Office until the close of the next school year or term, for reference or examination in case of any grievance or complaint.

E. Central to the kindergarten curriculum is the child who is envisioned to be prepared for life. It is anchored on the developmental practices and leading early childhood education principles and approaches (DepEd Order No.8, S.2015).

There are no formal subjects in the early childhood education program. The six developmental domains are the coverage of the teaching-learning activities in nursery (2-3 years old) kindergarten (4 years old) and preschool (5 years old).

1. character/values development,
2. physical health and motor development,
3. social and emotional development,
4. cognitive/intellectual development,
5. creative/aesthetic development, and
6. language literacy and communication.

F. The Grading System for Grade 1 to 12 is based on DepEd Order No. 8, S. 2015.

A student is granted release of Permanent Record (form 137) when he/she transfers to another school, provided that he/she has been of good moral standing and upon clearing all accounts and responsibilities.

A student may secure a Certificate of Good Moral Character from the School Director’s Office or the Guidance counselor. Only a student with no violation of school rules and regulations and with no standing balance will be issued the certificate.

Payment of school tuition and other fees may be done in full at the time of enrollment or every month and should be paid at least two days before the monthly examination.

After deducting the first payment upon enrollment, the balance thereof is to be paid in ten (10) equal payments corresponding to the ten monthly examinations.