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PMDS Dance Troupe: Living that Patrocinian Spirit

A dance troupe can have a significant impact on the personality, mental health, and social skills of the member students.

The PMDS Dance Troupe, now in its 6th year, has gained ground and become known as a group promoting Filipino culture and the arts.

For dance master Alven Jake Manubag, “the dance troupe is an avenue for personality development. Dancing is an art form that requires discipline, commitment, and dedication. He said that “being part of a dance troupe means that students have to work hard to master their craft, leading to the development of self-confidence and self-esteem”. “Dance also allows for self-expression, which can help students develop their creativity and individuality”, he added.

With the recent experiences of the students on pande

mic lockdowns and typhoon Odette, mental health is a valid concern in schools, especially at PMDS.  Dancing can provide an avenue for stress relief and a way for students to release their emotions. It can be a therapeutic outlet that allows students to find joy and fulfillment in their lives. “Participating in a dance troupe also helps students cultivate a sense of belonging and connection with others” said Dr. Longinos, PMDS School Director.


On top of these benefits, dance troupe members can develop self-confidence and social skills. Dance requires collaboration and teamwork, which can help students learn to co

mmunicate and cooperate with others. Students in a dance troupe learn to support each other, accept feedback, and work together towards common goals, all of which are vital social skills. The dance troupe’s

involvement in activities sponsored and led by the parish of Boljoon, its local government and private organizations provide its members an avenue to make new friend, build positive relationships, and develop leadership skills. The dance troupe performance in the Suroy – Suroy Sugbo in Southern Cebu on November 18, 2022 is, so far, their most unforgettable event this school year.

Overall, the PMDS Dance Troupe provides Patrocinians with an opportunity to develop their personalities, mental health, and social skills. By participating in the dance troupe, students build self-esteem, build positive relationships with others, and develop important life skills to help them succeed in the future.