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PMDS Dance Company: Cultivating Student Development and Nationalism Through the Power of Dance

In the heart of the Patronage of Mary Development School (PMDS) lies a dance company that not only serves as an ambassador for the school but also as a powerful medium for promoting Philippine culture. Led by the talented Alven Jake Manubag, the PMDS Dance Company has garnered countless accolades and invitations from various organizations and agencies that recognize the exceptional talents of its members.
An Ambassador of PMDS
Under the supervision of Dr. Rouel A. Longinos, the School Director, the PMDS Dance Company successfully represents the school’s mission and vision. By showcasing their artistic prowess, the dancers exemplify the values that PMDS holds dear: discipline, excellence, and a commitment to preserving Philippine heritage. Through extensive training and dedication, the dance company has become a symbol of pride for the entire PMDS community.
Promoting Philippine Culture
One of the primary objectives of the PMDS Dance Company is to promote and preserve the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines through dance. With the guidance of Alven Jake Manubag, a seasoned dance master, the company performs a wide range of traditional and contemporary Philippine dances. From the graceful movements of the Tinikling, a classic Filipino folk dance, to the energetic and vibrant steps of the Itik-Itik, the PMDS Dance Company mesmerizes audiences with their exceptional talent and dedication to their craft.
Developing Student Talents
Acting as a training ground for young dancers, the PMDS Dance Company fosters the personal and artistic development of its members. By participating in the rigorous rehearsals, workshops, and performances, the dancers learn discipline, perseverance, and teamwork. Furthermore, their involvement in the dance company hones their artistic abilities, cultivates self-confidence, and instills a strong sense of dedication and commitment.
The Impact Beyond School Walls
The exceptional talents of the PMDS Dance Company have not gone unnoticed. The company has been privileged to perform at numerous celebrations and special occasions, both within and outside the school premises. Their invitations from various organizations and agencies serve as a testament to the recognition and appreciation of their exceptional performances. Not only do these opportunities provide exposure for the dancers, but they also serve as platforms for promoting Philippine culture on a wider scale.
Instilling Nationalism
Beyond their artistic pursuits, the PMDS Dance Company plays a crucial role in fostering a sense of nationalism among its members. Through their dance routines, the performers celebrate and embrace their Filipino identity. They contribute to the preservation of cultural traditions and bridge the gap between generations by passing down valuable knowledge and skills. This unique collaboration of precision and passion becomes a powerful expression of national pride, instilling a deep love for the Philippines in both the dancers and the audience.
The PMDS Dance Company stands as a remarkable testament to the power of dance in student development and the preservation of cultural heritage. With their unwavering passion, dedication, and extraordinary talent, the dancers showcase the richness of Philippine culture to the world. As they continue to represent PMDS as ambassadors, the PMDS Dance Company serves as an inspiring example of the profound impact that the arts can have in cultivating a sense of nationalism and promoting student growth.