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PMDS celebrates 15 Years of Achievements, Honors Dedicated Staff

Boljoon, Cebu – The Patronage of Mary Development School, a renowned educational institution in Boljoon, Cebu, commemorated its 15 years of excellence by recognizing the hard work and dedication of its staff. Dr. Rouel A. Longinos, the school director, led the prestigious Awarding Ceremonies on January 5, 2024, at the magnificent Bayfront Hotel Capitol Site in Cebu City.
Under the captivating theme “Brightly Shining, Ever Growing at 15”, the celebration aimed to acknowledge the remarkable achievements in instruction, research, and cultural and religious activities of the Patronage of Mary Development School. Dr. Longinos paid heartfelt tribute to the teaching and non-teaching personnel, who played a vital role in elevating the school’s reputation to commendable heights.
During the ceremony, Dr. Longinos highlighted the dedication and unwavering commitment of the school’s staff, praising their tireless efforts that have contributed immensely to the institution’s success. Their unparalleled passion for educating the youth and their continuous pursuit of excellence have paved the way for countless accomplishments throughout the years.
The 15th anniversary celebration composed a series of events that showcased the exceptional achievements of the Patronage of Mary Development School. Various activities were held, including an academic fair, cultural presentations, and a solemn thanksgiving mass. These events not only highlighted the school’s academic prowess but also offered an opportunity for the students, parents, and staff to come together and celebrate the shared journey towards excellence.
Founded in 2009, the Patronage of Mary Development School initially started with humble beginnings but has quickly grown into a prestigious educational institution in Boljoon. With a strong emphasis on providing quality education and holistic development, the school has become a symbol of excellence in the region.
The 15th anniversary ceremony served as a reminder of the school’s achievements and an inspiration for its future endeavors. It reinforced their commitment to continually strive for excellence and provide an environment that fosters the growth and development of their students.
As the Patronage of Mary Development School embraces the next phase of its journey, it remains dedicated to its vision of molding globally competitive individuals who are anchored in faith, compassion, and knowledge.
The following were the recipients of the awards:



1.  Aclon, Michelle Ann D. Certificate of Appreciation
2.  Alsola, Ernesto D. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Teacher of the Year
3.  Ampoon, John Rey C. Innovator in Teaching Award
4.  Anorico, Emilia O. Cultural Diversity in Education Award
5.  Arias, Melvin M. Technology Integration Champion
6.  Bombarda, Beverly R. Community Engagement in Education Award
7.  Buscato, Radeth Jean L. Certificate of Appreciation
8.  Cabase Jr., Edgardo M. Inspirational Teacher Award
9.  Caldino, Loida B. Loida B. Caldino
10.  Español, Mely A. ABM Teacher of the Year
11.  Getalan, Catherine P. Certificate of Appreciation
12.  Lacuña, Delyn S. Teacher of the Year
13.  Maagad, May B. Mentor of the Year
14.  Mallorca, Ruth U. Excellence in education Award
15.  Maristela, Elona E. School Counselor of the Year
16.  Mendez, Angelica C. Certificate of Appreciation
17.  Mosqueda, Lady Mae P. Reader Advocate Teacher of the Year
18.  Mosqueda, Shirly P. Early Childhood Educator Award
19.  Ordoña, Jenecil R. Certificate of Appreciation
20.  Romano, Archie A. Outstanding Educator Award
21.  Siton, Lyka M. Literacy Advocate Award
22.  Soriano, Aileen R. Distinguished Educator Award
23.      Cabase, Bernard M. Certificate of Appreciation
24.      Castillo, Aahron Gabriel – Certificate of Appreciation
25.      Dicdiquin, Clifford J. Service Award (7 years)
26.      Dicdiquin, Ma. Coleen R. Service Award (10 years)
27.      Gonzales, James Paulo P. Service Award (3 years)
28.      Legara, Rimar R. Certificate of Appreciation
29.      Manubag, Alven Jake B. Arts Educator of the Year
30.      Medalla, Arjon R. Certificate of Appreciation
31.      Olmilla, Meldred P. Service Award (5 years)
32.      Pacquiao, Neilmark – Certificate of Appreciation
33.      Plando, Cresenta R. Service Award (4 years)
34.      Servila, Mark A. Certificate of Appreciation
35.      Tarroja, Alfred Joseph E. Certificate of Appreciation
36.      Verana, Ave A. School Librarian of the Year