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Nurturing Young Minds: The Early Childhood Education Program at PMDS Boljoon

In the picturesque town of Boljoon, Cebu, the Patronage of Mary Development School (PMDS) stands as a beacon of excellence in early childhood education. Driven by their unwavering Christ-centered mission, PMDS boasts a high-quality program that caters to the needs of inquisitive and energetic learners. Led by the skillful guidance of Teacher Shirley Mosqueda, the school implements a learner-centered approach that focuses on differentiated instruction, learner style-based teaching, and multiple intelligence-based activities.
Creating an Optimal Learning Environment:
At PMDS, the learning environment plays a significant role in shaping the educational experience. The facilities and instructional tools are thoughtfully designed to provide a comprehensive and stimulating atmosphere for young minds. The classrooms are equipped with multimedia resources, promoting interactive learning and catering to the varying needs and characteristics of each student. This approach ensures that every child is given the opportunity to excel in their unique way.
Engaging and Interactive Instruction:
The dedicated teachers at PMDS strive to provide a memorable learning experience for their students. Through the implementation of engaging language drills, numerical exercises, and social activities, the classroom becomes a place of excitement and joy. The inclusion of fun and interactive elements in the curriculum keeps the children actively engaged, helping them develop a love and passion for learning at an early age.
Active Parent Involvement:
Recognizing the importance of parent involvement, PMDS encourages a strong partnership between the school and families. Parents are seen as an integral part of their child’s education, and they are actively encouraged to supplement and complement the learning activities conducted in school. This collaborative approach ensures that students receive a consistent and holistic educational experience both at home and in school.
Fostering Character Development:
While academic success is a priority, PMDS understands that character development is equally essential. With a focus on gratitude and prayerfulness, the school aims to instill strong moral values in each child. Teachers and parents serve as role models, demonstrating the importance of integrity, empathy, and compassion in their daily lives. Through these examples, the students learn not only to excel academically but also to become responsible and well-rounded individuals.
The Early Childhood Education Program at PMDS in Boljoon has established itself as a pillar of excellence in the region. With its learner-centered approach, engaging instructional tools, and active involvement of parents, the school ensures that each child receives a comprehensive and holistic education. By nurturing not only their academic growth but also their character development, PMDS stands as a shining example of how early childhood education can positively shape young minds, preparing them for a bright and successful future.