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Fostering a Culture of Research Excellence: The Pinnacle of PMDS’s Academic Journey

The Patronage of Mary Development School (PMDS) in Boljoon, Cebu has been recognized for its strong research culture and dedication to providing a high-quality and relevant program for its students. Under the guidance of its core team, the school has made significant strides in training its students to become researchers while reinforcing its research instruction.
Dr. Rouel A. Longinos, the School Director, emphasizes the importance of immersing students in various research training and activities. This approach ensures that they are well-prepared to tackle research projects with excellence and to face more complex tasks in college. From the development of research problems to the dissemination of research findings, PMDS students go through each phase of the research process.
The highlight of the PMDS research calendar is the annual research conference, which took place from March 23 to 25, 2023. The conference was held under the theme “Enabling Students Critical Thinking and Resilience through Research.” Over 50 research outputs were presented orally and through posters before a panel of experts composed of Dr. Rouel A. Longinos, Dr. Maristela O. Remitar, Dr. Haydee Gabriel, and Dr. Clemencia Gatpolintan.
Special attention was given to researchers who conducted their studies in the Filipino language, as they were judged separately by Dr. Maristela Remitar, Mr. Melvin Arias, Mr. Edgardo Cabase Jr., Mr. John Eric Mendez, and Miss Delyn Lacuña. This recognition highlights PMDS’s commitment to nurturing research skills among its students regardless of the language used.
Hon. Lindzey Romero, Chairman of the Committee on Education in the Municipality of Boljoon, and Mr. Wellie Adonay, the Public Schools District Supervisor, were invited as guests of honor during the Research Poster Presentation. Their presence signifies the importance that the local community places on research and education, as well as their support for PMDS’s research initiatives.
PMDS’s dedication to fostering a strong research culture is evident in the efforts they put into training their students and organizing the annual research conference. By equipping students with the necessary research skills and encouraging critical thinking, PMDS aims to produce well-rounded individuals ready to contribute to the academic and professional world.
As the school continues to strengthen its research instruction and provide opportunities for students to excel in their research projects, PMDS solidifies its position as a leading institution known for its commitment to research and academic excellence.