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Student Discipline



1.1      A bona fide student is required to observe the rules, regulations, policies and requirements of the school. Ignorance of the provisions stated herein does not excuse any student from the corresponding sanctions.

  1. A student is expected to conduct himself/herself with dignity and deportment at all times both on and off the campus, and to uphold the moral standards of the school. Hence, students are expected to:
  1. Wear the prescribed school uniform during class days and P.E. uniform on Wednesdays;

1.2.2        Wear the Identification Card (PMDS ID) at all times within the campus;

1.2.3        Attend classes regularly and punctually, equipped with his/her own school supplies;

1.2.4        Refrain from smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages inside the school premises and in the classrooms and in public places;

1.2.5        Refrain from committing acts that may embarrass/ discredit the school or bring dishonor to her name such as stealing, cheating during examinations, gambling, vandalism, taking and peddling drugs and carrying of deadly weapons;

1.2.6        Refrain from bringing and using of cellular phones and other gadgets in schools;

1.2.7        Regard fellow students, administrative employees and teachers with respect and courtesy.

1.2.8        Use school equipment and facilities upon permission of school authorities and handle them care.

1.2.9        Actively participate in activities like flag ceremony, convocation and other academic and social activities sanctioned by the school.

  1. Minor offenses such as tardiness, truancy, disobedience, indecent language, classroom misconduct, cutting classes, violation of school uniform rules and loitering have corresponding disciplinary sanctions and/or counselling. Sanctions depend on the gravity and frequency of the offense.
  1. Responsibility on Student Discipline; Limitation. The administration of each private school shall be responsible for the maintenance of good discipline among students inside the school campus, as well as outside the school premises whenever they are engaged in authorized school activities.

            No physically harmful punishment shall be applied. No disciplinary sanction shall be imposed upon any student except for valid causes as defined in the school rules and regulations, and in accordance with due process as provided for in this Manual or its implementing rules as promulgated by the Secretary.

1.5 Library Policies.

1.5.1 Only PMDS students may borrow books and other materials from the library.

1.52 Users wishing to borrow materials must present a valid student ID Card. They must also fill out the borrowing slip with their name and signature.

1.53 Users are fully responsible for maintaining the condition of the materials they borrow. Any lost or damaged materials should be reported to any library personnel immediately.

1.5.4 Users are required to replace lost materials.

1.5.5 Users should return borrowed materials on or before the date stated on an items borrowing slip. Each item that is not returned by its due date will be charged an overdue fine, calculated daily.

1.5.6 Users are not allowed to borrow books if they are already in possession of other overdue items.

1.5.7 Users who are found to have removed materials from the library without properly borrowing them will face disciplinary action.

1.5.8 The library counter closes its services 10 minutes before the library closes.

        Students 2 Items   I day Starting the day after the due date P 200.00/ Day

Payments Fine. Users who have damaged library materials (for example, by tearing out pages, removing labels) will be charged by the amount of the item/ replace the same item.

             Users who have destroyed library materials (for example via extensive water damages will be charged the replacement cost of the item/ the same item.


2.1 Rights of a Student. Subject to the limitations prescribed by law and the school policies and regulations, the rights of a student of a private school shall be:

2.1.1 To receive proper and satisfactory instruction in the course he is enrolled, in accordance with the approved educational objectives and standards of the schools;

2.1.2 To be respected in his rights, and to be reasonably and fairly treated as a student and as a person consistent with human dignity;

2.1.3 To form, join or lead in such student organizations or associations as may be recognized or authorized to operate by the school;

2.1.4 To avail of the use of school facilities for his curricular as well as co-curricular activities as may be authorized by the school;

2.1.5 To be formally apprised of any complaint against him, to be heard by himself or counsel, to present evidence for his defense, to confront and cross-examine witnesses, to be informed of the decision on his case, and to appeal the decision to proper authorities, when appropriate; and

2.1.6 To redress of grievances against any wrong or injustice committed against him by any member of the academic community in accordance with the defined channels of authority therein (Section 155, 2010 Research Manual Regulations for Private Schools in Basic Education).

2.2 Duties of a Student. Subject to the limitations prescribed by law and the school policies and regulations, the duties of a student of a private school shall be:

            2.2.1 To obey and observe all laws and prescribed school rules and regulations;

            2.2.2 To respect proper authority, whether governmental or institutional;

            2.2.3 To  uphold the aims, ideals and integrity of his school;

            2.2.4 To abide by, comply with, and maintain the prescribed academic standards of his school;

            2.2.5 To conduct himself in a proper and irreproachable manner in his relations and dealings with all members of the academic community;

            2.2.6 To observe at all times, inside or outside the classroom or school campus, the accepted principles of proper decorum and good behavior; and

2.2.7 To meet promptly his financial and property obligations to the school (Section 156, 2010 Research Manual Regulations for Private Schools in Basic Education).

2.3 Attendance and Punctuality. Regularity of attendance and punctuality are required in all classes. A pupil/student who has been absent or has cut classes is required to present a letter of explanation from his/her parents or guardian or to bring them to school for a short conference with the section adviser or guidance counselor as the case may be.

            Attendance of pupils/students in special holidays, activities relative to their religious, e.g. Ramadan, shall be allowed provided permission of the school head is sought.

2.3.1 Absences. A pupil/student who incurs absences of more than twenty percent of the prescribed number of class or laboratory periods during the school year or term should be given a failing grade and given no credit for the course or subject. Furthermore, the school head may at his/her discretion and in the individual case exempt a student who exceeds the twenty percent limit for reasons considered valid and acceptable to the school. Such discretion shall not excuse the student concerned from responsibility in keeping up with lesson assignments and taking examinations where indicated. The discretionary authority is vested in the school head, and may not be availed of by a student nor granted by a faculty member without the consent of the school head.

            Habitual tardiness especially during the first period in the morning and in the afternoon shall not be allowed. Teachers concerned shall call for the parents of the student concerned or visit him at home.

2.3.2 School Uniform. A school uniform shall be prescribed for all pupils/students. Shoes are considered part of the uniform. All students shall be required to wear the official school ID in the school campus.

            The acceptable haircut for boys shall be at least one (1) inch above the ear and three (3) inches above the collar line (Section 157, 2010 Research Manual Regulations for Private Schools in Basic Education).

2.3.4 Campus Security. Only bonafide students of the school shall be allowed inside the school campus. No visitors shall be allowed inside the campus during school hours except for valid reasons. They shall be required to sign the logbook of the security service.

            Teachers shall confer with parents/guardians or entertain visitors during their off period. No students or visitors shall be allowed inside the school building and the premises after the class period has ended except for schools with night classes (Section 159, 2010 Research Manual Regulations for Private Schools in Basic Education).

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