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Spiritual Formation

The Spiritual Formation at PMDS is Christ-Centered. It is grounded on the philosophy that each child is an embodied spirit. Therefore, the physical, intellectual and emotional development of each learner should be balanced with their spiritual dimension.

            Each Patrocinian is a child and a devotee of Mary, the first disciple of Christ. Therefore, the spirituality of the Patronage of Mary Development School students, faculty and stakeholders is inspired by the humility, obedience and faithfulness of Mary as follower of Christ.

            This communal spirituality of PMDS is living the mission through personal vocation in building the church. It is a mission to strengthen families and communities through Christ’s teachings and the virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

            Marian Spirituality at PMDS is composed of principles, norms and ways to follow the virtues of Mary from the annunciation up to her suffering at the foot of the cross. Mary is a model to all Patrocinians because she possesses all the virtues, both human and divine, that can make Patrocinians become rightful heirs to God’s kingdom.

            Spirituality as the school’s core value is developed through the following activities spearheaded by the Campus Ministry.

            Among the activities held in school as part of the spiritual formation:

1. Recollection

2. Retreat

3. Seminars and Forums

4. First Friday Masses

5. Classroom Catechism on Lives of Saints

6. Marian Devotions and Praying of the Holy Rosary

7. Christian Living and Theology Classes

8. Values Lectures and Forums

The Students’ Prayer

Our Loving Father, we thank you for the gift of life and the gift of knowledge. We thank you for our school and our teachers.

We stand before you in the midst of knowledge explosion and complexities of modern life. We pray that we see and follow the path towards you. Grant us the wisdom to be mindful of the talents and intelligence you have given us. Teach us to be grateful, humble, merciful and loving to our fellow being.

Grant us the grace that will always bring glory and honor to your Holy Name in our words  and deeds. We ask this through your son Jesus Christ. Amen.

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