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PMDS Pledge of Loyalty

PMDS Pledge of Loyalty

I, _____________________ child of Mama Mary and loyal pupil of the Patronage of Mary Development School of Boljoon, Cebu  do hereby pledge to dedicate and  commit myself to be always peace-loving, diligent, hones, respectful and faithful to God and country.

          I will remain loyal and faithful to our  Alma Mater, PMDS. I swear to uphold  her name and dignity and faithfully perform my duties and responsibilities as pupil of PMDS and as a child of God.

So help me God.

  Alumni Pledge

I, ___________________________________ a graduate of the Patronage of Mary Development School. I am now a member of the PMDS Alumni Association. I solemnly swear that I will faithfully fulfill my duty as an alumnus / alumna of the Patronage of Mary Development School. I pledge to uphold and practice the values of Spirituality, Happiness, Integrity, Nationalism and Excellence. I promise to be a true Patrocinian who is a joy to my family, hero to my community and a champion of knowledge, love and integrity. So help me God.

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