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The Patronage of Mary Development School (PMDS) will commence soon its operations for its Research Institute dedicated for scholarly works on environmental protection and living cultural heritage studies. Anchored on the Roman Catholic Church’s encyclical called Laudato Si, PMDS aims at maximizing its contribution in the academic community with regard to the powerful message of Pope Francis on people’s moral responsibility to show concern for creation.

 As a catalyst for the promotion of the arts and religion in the town of Boljoon, Cebu, the school also endeavors to produce academic outputs for the appreciation and sustainability of the local heritage and cultural traditions.      

The PMDS Research Institute, however, also features an extensive and flexible research agenda. School director Dr. Rouel Longinos articulated that the objective of the said upcoming office is to facilitate the development of novel research initiatives that cut across traditional disciplinary boundaries. 

A number of research outputs presented in the national and international conferences by the PMDS faculty and students are also bound for journal publications soon. The school has recently procured the services of research writing platforms Grammarly and QuillBot to assist student and faculty researchers in their individual and team projects.   

The strong research culture in PMDS has made it a new normal for its community of novice investigators to register in research networking tools such as Google Scholar, ResearchGate and Scopus, among others, to get access to expert knowledge and to publish their works online.  

The PMDS Research Institute has named Edgardo M. Cabase, Jr. as its coordinator. Its consultants and collaborators include seasoned educators and experienced researchers both in the academe and industry.

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