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The Patronage of Mary Development School (PMDS) of Boljoon, Cebu recently held a Marian concert for the annual town fiesta on the parish grounds of Patrocinio de Maria Santisima. This event creatively called Yukbo Sa Inahan also marked the debut performance of the official school choir, The Patrocinian Chorus.

Boljoanons and some local tourists were serenaded and regaled with the musical extravaganza offered to the Mother Mary, the town’s patron saint. Members of the clergy and the laity were spectators of the show that also featured a surprise number from Sinulog Idol Shenahia Postero and professional singer-coach John Peterson Villarin.        

Under the tutelage of Tawag ng Tanghalan defending champion and vocal trainer Villarin, the Patrocianian Chorus aims to produce musical productions in the school and the community, with a particular focus on Christian evangelization and Marian devotion.

Zyra Vequilla, Mark Cyril Romano, Jose Emmanuel Postrano, Khet Pepino, Darren Mendez, Joanah Marie Mendez, Emilia Anorico, Elona Maristela and Alven Jake Manubag  compose the members of the Patrocinian Chorus, the newest pride of PMDS and Boljoon, Cebu.     

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